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Everything about golf in Estonia

As you might have recalled from our website’s name, our site is dedicated to golf and helping more and more Estonians find pleasure in this fascinating sport. Golfest.ee website is created with the purpose of bringing some clarity about golf for beginners and hopefully we manage to ignite the golf passion in some of our visitors as well!

Golfing has become increasingly more popular in Estonia over the past few years but due to its international reputation, many beginner golfers find themselves a bit intimidated – there’s a lot to learn and no one wants to go on the golf course without having had learned some skills at home.

That’s exactly what we’ll try to help you with by publishing useful articles about golf, starting from what gear you need and how to play golf and ending with how to enjoy golf without even leaving the house, by exploring the interesting world of golf betting.

We believe that everyone can play golf – you don’t need a big budget to become a golfer. It’s an extremely elegant sport, but it’s available for everyone without any budget limits. Weather is not an obstacle either – our beautiful homeland has many professional golf courses where you can play golf all year around.

Hopefully, you’ll find answers to your golf-related questions thanks to our website. Our goal is to always be as useful as possible for every golfer, no matter if you’re a beginner or a more seasoned golfer. As big golf fans, we’re thrilled if all of our visitors will find the excitement of golf for them and will start swinging that club!